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Dawnergy, formerly known as Dana-Tech, started as an equipment and solution provider in power generation, transmission and distribution. In 2012, partners around Dawnergy integrated it into a new platform also engaged in renewable energy solutions (Dawnergy 2016 exhibition plans) for utility companies, commercial customers and off-grid systems (For more details, please refer to “Highlights of History”).

In 2016, after a strategic alliance with Letel Communication in equity, Dawnergy started to also provide ODN solutions in Telecom & FTTx fields besides solar power solutions for outdoor wireless telecom substations. 

In 2017, we launched a more ambitious marketing and branding plan worldwide (Dawnergy 2017 Exhibition Plans). As a strategic move, we established Dawnergy Pakistan Limited, to promote our new patented “Dawnergy Hybrid Controller System” (For more information, please refer to Dawnergy Hybrid Controller). Still in 2017, we also strategically set up OXC Tech, an Ultra MPO connector R&D, manufacturing and sales joint-venture company in Shanghai (For technical details, please click here).

For 2018, we will keep the momentum and commit ourselves to the development of Dawnergy Renewable, Dawnergy Telecom as well as Dawnergy Power Fitting product lines (Dawnergy 2018 Exhibition Plan).

Business Scope

To provide comprehensive solutions and equipment for grid connected solar products of up to utility scales such as solar inverters, solar panels and modules and controllers.

• To provide comprehensive solutions for off-grid related products of up to 10MW. Also, to provide solutions for off-grid plus pumping systems (or refrigerating systems, UPS, emergency charging systems, irrigation systems, etc.).

• To provide comprehensive solutions in engineering, procurement and civil work of power transmission and distribution for power substations and transmission lines including for solar power plants. More information for our solution and equipment for Solar Industry, please read the attachment.

• To provide ODN and solutions in telecom & FTTx fields. For more information, please refer to www.letel.com.cn/en.

• To provide MPO connectivity, a supreme, highly reliable solution of fiber connections for datacenters and industries, with lowest insertion loss.

*Dawnergy held a seminar titled “Global New Energy Outlook – How Solar Helps Developing Countries” at Institute of South-South Cooperation and Development (ISSCAD) of Peking University on 30th May 2018 to share its experience in helping developing countries develop electricity capacity with renewable energies. (For details, please check news http://www.dawnergy.com/english/newsxx.aspx?newslx=6&newslx2=|25|&newsid=302)

Mission, Value and Culture

Dawnergy was founded towards and further re-organized into a world-level leading solar products and integrated solution provider, adding value to a world aiming for energy sustainability.

We work not only to support customers all through the planning process but also to engage by means of active involvement and consulting to ensure its successful implementation. And we focus on adding value both for national utility and industrial end users and for big OEM partners.

Dawnergy re-defines efficiency through optimal engineering, products and services to our customers. We are proud of our reputation both nationally and internationally. We always do and will continue to place emphasis on providing high quality products and services backed by a local, cost effective solution.

“TRIWI” is our core culture and value , which specifically speaking means:

• Team Work

• Result-orientation

• Integrity

• Win-Win and

• Innovative thinking.

Competitive Advantages

• Our strong engineering team and technical experience in utility and the solar industry enable us to have a deeper understanding of customers’ needs.
• We put R&D and engineering capability as our core competitiveness. While we outsource manufacturing and assembly to more professional companies, our professional background guarantees our quality control as manufacturing processes are strictly finished according to our design and requirements.
• Professional commercial team. Our team has been serving more than 100 various professional national utility and electricity companies around the world. We are also good at serving the top-tier EPC companies in power substations for mining, steel, infrastructure and other industries. We enjoy high reputation in our response time, professional attitude and familiarity with demands of different end-users.

Dawnergy, Dawn of Renewable Energy!

Dawnergy employees celebrating after Wenzhou Marathon (2016)   Mr. Hu of Dawnergy in his 23rd Marathon (Xiamen, Jan. 2018)

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